Saturday, June 29, 2002

Wedded bliss not a priority for U.S. bachelors (because they enjoy a sexually active single life)

"Why buy the cow when the milk is free".
FBI Chief Mueller Expresses Support for Muslim Group

But the FBI director's appearance was not without controversy relating both to the relationships of some individuals to AMC and to the opposition groups who say that Mueller should have stayed away.

Those with concerns point out that the founder of the American Muslim Council, Abdurahman Alamoudi, was a well-established supporter of known terrorist organizations. Two years ago, he was captured on tape espousing his views.

"Hear that Bill Clinton," Alamoudi said in the recording. "We are all supporters of Hamas. I wish to add I am also a supporter of Hezbollah."

One former AMC board president is a man named Jamule, also known as activist Rap Brown, who is now serving time for killing a Georgia sheriff's deputy. Some say AMC has also contributed to charities whose assets were frozen for allegedly contributing to terror organizations, and many participants refused interviews for fear they may call unwanted attention to themselves.

Friday, June 28, 2002

Vigilante in SF Arrests Suspect After Police Refuse

Van Lokeren is upset that police at Central Station merely wrote up a report on the thefts and refused to go out and arrest Stevens. Fraud Detail inspectors wouldn't help either, he said.

"I served this guy up on a silver platter for these guys," Van Lokeren said of the police. "They are just so jaded and desensitized to crime."

A nephew, Paul Van Lokeren, assisted in the arrest and expressed dismay at the lack of police help, saying: "They are basically just report-takers. They are secretaries with guns."

Thursday, June 27, 2002

Supreme Court gives go-ahead for school vouchers!

I'm a black man who has a pleasant, middle-class career doing work I love. But it had nothing much to do with any nonsense about "pulling myself up by my bootstraps." Others gave me a boost. Especially my parents, migrants from the rural south who never even finished grade school. They begged, borrowed and stole to send me and my siblings to Catholic schools. As a result, I learned how to read, write, count and think.

I lucked out in being born to a couple of unusually determined parents. But every poor kid in America deserves the kind of chance I got. School vouchers could offer this sort of opportunity to millions of kids; a chance to escape dismal public schools, get a decent education, and then step out into the wider world.

And that's why today's Supreme Court ruling on school vouchers is perhaps the greatest, most liberating court ruling for black people in the past quarter century. If we can just get states and municipalities to follow up on it, it could be as big as Brown v. Board of Education in its potential to liberate black Americans.

It is for us to follow up, and demand that voucher programs actually be launched in school systems around the country. The fact that these programs can no longer be pre-emptively declared "unconstitutional" means that merely launching a voucher campaign will strike terror into the hearts of the education bureaucrats, forcing them to finally launch meaningful reforms. Thus even areas without vouchers will benefit from them.

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Wednesday, June 26, 2002

CA School District Forces 7th Graders to 'become Muslims' for Three Weeks -- Federal Lawsuit Filed
The Cuban Parliament votes unanimously for an "irrevocable" socialism

"The best political system is of just one party,
"Vice President Carlos Lage,
a top leader in both the government
and the Communist Party,
declared earlier Wednesday.
"True democracy is socialist.
And the only way to defend human rights
is in a society of equality and social justice."
White House Reaction to 9th Circuit Court Ruling

Tuesday, June 11, 2002

Deal reached on praying toddler
NYPD's Kelly Rejects Armed Patrols
Muslims angered by comments at gathering of Southern Baptists
What You Omit Says a Lot
'Big Brother' Britain Extends Its Snooping Powers
Muslims Flex Polital Muscle; More than 7,000 attend Muslim political rally at Texas Stadium
Sweden Moves to Criminalize Opposition to Homosexuality
Atheists improve society
Police Dog Accused Of Racial Profiling


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