Thursday, May 15, 2003

'Honey, You Repel Me': Advice For Couples in a Sexless Marriage > News > Metro > Danielle's Disappearance -- In taped interrogation, Westerfield tells police 'my life is over'
Fox's Neil Cavuto Rips "Phony" NY Times Columnist Paul Krugman
Maggie to the Rescue! Thatcher WASTES the French!
Woman do more housework: official

But perhaps the most surprising finding of the study was that women don't believe they have a problem with doing more than their fair share.

Teacher accused of racial slur
Linda Bowles Committed Suicide
Expert warns: Communism is alive, well and dangerous
Gospels' Truth Uncovered

Friday, May 09, 2003

The Great San Francisco Bubble (FreeRepublic Mentioned)
DeLay: "Zero chance" for (Assault Weapons Ban) renewal passing in House
The Gospel according to Neo: 'The Matrix' as a phenomenon shaping public opinion about religion
Typing Monkeys Don't Quite Write 'Hamlet'
Winning Iraqi Freedom - STAMPS (not US postage)
DNC's Terry McAuliffe Asks WH for Pledge Not to Use Carrier Footage in 2004 Campaign

McAuliffe is effectively admitting that not one of the Dem candidates can successfully run against a 15 second news clip. This is so good.

87 posted on 05/09/2003 10:59 AM PDT by McLynnan

DNC's Terry McAuliffe Asks WH for Pledge Not to Use Carrier Footage in 2004 Campaign
Nude tennis tourney set for Webcast

Monday, May 05, 2003

Caped crusader saves the day in English town
Sprawl linked to increase in American girths

The totalitarians are really struggling to gain control. There has been some truthful press about the anti-sprawl movement, so now they are trying to take a different tack to sway the sheeple into agreeing to be housed in medium to high density developments in "transit hubs" saying it is better for their health (not true). As one proponent of smart growth said at a Santa Cruz, CA convention, when we are done "the humans will live in cages and the animals will run free".

3 posted on 05/05/2003 9:16 AM PDT by hedgetrimmer

Saturday, May 03, 2003

Malkovich to leave France over tax dispute
Peacekeepers return from Kosovo with disturbing tales of Albanian partisans and Serbian mass graves
Purdue doesn't have enough quality women
Israel bans peace activists
NRA lauds gunsmith for protecting the Second Amendment
Oklahoma bombing/Iraq link - Australian article.
Mother refuses to consider posting bail for daughter she calls `brat'
Pullout rocks Germans
Czech TV marks May Day by mocking communist era
Charlton Heston's Last Sneer - The NRA retires its crusty king
Readers of right-wing web site threaten Muslims ***CAIR ALERT***

Friday, May 02, 2003

Italy moving against Cuba
'Baghdad' Jim McDermott Took Cash from Saddam Ally
Watching a Great Paper [Los Angeles Times] Dive Into Pedophilia Chic
PBS Offers Intelligent Design Documentary
Homeowners Battle to Keep Their Property (These people need help)
Shock and awe of a resurgence in school prayer
Thomas Sowell: "Work Pays"
Shelby Food Mart owner indicted in October shooting death of robber
Rewriting history for big bucks at the box office
Cool speech site shows Bush knows how to have fun
Germans banned from killing ants
Leftist Eggheads Still Defend Castro's Atrocities

Thursday, May 01, 2003

Pro-Marxist Slant Pushed at ABC, Retired Reporter Claims
Bush Flies to Carrier to Deliver Speech on Iraq
Sabrina Aisenberg may be alive and well in Illinois
Lautenberg Gun Control Bill Compared to Nazi Policies
Lautenberg Domestic Confiscation Law
The Lords of Bakersfield (Homosexuality and Corruption)
Teaching Kindergarten Kids About 'Human Differences' and Homosexuality Isn't 'Easy' in Newton
Pot and porn outstrips corn, U.S. black economy is flying high (Weed, porn, and illegal labor)
Most Iranians openly calling for American help in Iran.
Six children, apparently malnourished, found in Kenmore
Family insists Lucy (a dog) can't obey jury call
Man gets 15 years in prison for deer hunting


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