Wednesday, December 31, 2003

What's Really Behind Bush Hatred? (Robert J. Samuelson)
Dean's discourse not winning over the South
Inmates say jail is bugging them

Tuesday, December 30, 2003

Ford Has a Better Idea: One Nation Under Allah-finances a "blasphemy amendment"
What the Troops Are Buying With Their Own Money [or, what to send a combat soldier you know]
Al Qaeda videos found in Iraq weapons raid
¿Habla Español? Your kids may soon
New Read on 'Rings,' Double Standard on Slurs
VOTE FOR FREE REPUBLIC (Best News & Commentary)
Woman ticketed for appearing naked on Internet
Internet bullying
CNN Most Admired People of 2003
CNN Most Admired People of 2003
S. Florida teen girls discovering `bisexual chic' trend

Saturday, December 27, 2003

Virgin Mary violates homeowners rules?(Follow up to Lakewood Ranch Story I posted Last Week)
CA: Major parole moves on the table. Governor's ideas would reduce prison population, save millions
Poll: 30 percent of families have children with learning disorders
Expanded Fed Role Against Common Crime Called 'Out of Control'
Kendall Coffey Comments on the Rush Limbaugh Case
Habitat area turning hostile, family says
The UN Tax???? - The UN wants to tax us!
My New Bumpersticker
Russell Crowe on Mel Gibson's "Passion"

Friday, December 26, 2003

Dean Defends Bin Laden
For teen, (court) win contributes to freedom of expression (and she's republican!)
The Loser's Guide To Getting Lucky
The Loser's Guide To Getting Lucky
African-American groups rally behind Michael Jackson
Gonzaga Law School Bans Christian Pro-Life Group
Gonzaga Law School Bans Christian Pro-Life Group
Hillary's Book Sales May be Half of Publisher's Claim
Roe v. Wade should be updated says Lieberman
Suspicious Passengers Questioned In France

Friday, December 19, 2003

Human Events Man of the Year: Roy Moore (Exclusive Ann Coulter Feature Article)
911 Tape Played at Malvo's Sentencing Hearing
Strom's daughter shows what class - not race - is all about
Jihad Against U.S. High School Students
TV News Turned Sour on Bush After Iraq War Ended
U.K. Castle Cameras Catch Ghostly Visitor
P21: Why Black Christians Shouldn't Celebrate Kwanzaa
Libertarian Harry Browne: Bush Did Not Liberate Iraq
Chirac and the Muslims: A misguided policy.
Dismembered foot discovered among dead man's clothing

Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Chirac's determination to ban Muslim headscarves from schools will cause years of confrontation
Kingdom to Foster Moderate Image of Islam, Says Abdullah
Police Ask For Manslaughter Charges In Farmer's Market Crash
Saudi Arabia bans cuddly toys

See post #18

If Dean loses, will he quit? The Dean third party threat.
Saudi Arabia bans cuddly toys
Principal's words to 27 Hispanics are scrutinized
LOTR:John Rhys-Davies (Gimli) Interview (MUST READ)Islam Vs. The West
DNC chairman’s school visit sparks anger among Portsmouth city officials
Hillary Praises Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan
Anti-war myths quickly eroding

Tuesday, December 16, 2003

President to cornered wild man is the stuff of parables and will echo forever
What The American Military Found When They Opened Saddam's Briefcase (FR Exclusive)
Cheers for capturing Saddam didn’t last long
Cheers for capturing Saddam didn’t last long
Cardinal Says U.S. Treated Saddam 'Like a Cow'


Yahoo! News - Cardinal Says U.S. Treated Saddam 'Like a Cow'

Original... in case the thread gets yanked.

The Twisting of History for Ideological Purposes in America's Classrooms
Guardian Reviewer beats up on Noam Chomsky's book and the left.
Baby Raped: Will Justice Be Served?
10 Questions For Dennis Miller
THUGS RUN WILD IN TROUBLED HS (What a great place to send your kids!!)

Monday, December 15, 2003

Arab world abuzz over Saddam's arrest
Bush Was Brilliant at his Press Conference on Saddam’s Capture
Neighborhood Association Bans Display of Nativity or Santa Claus in Homeowners Yards
Massive Internet Reaction about Saddam Hussein's Capture
Nurse Admits to Patient Deaths in New Jersey
As Bush gets lift, Democrats laud capture
Tailing the Millennium from 2000
Pro-Saddam rally in Tikrit turns into brawl
How 10 Editorial Cartoons View Saddam's Capture
Misleading Times-A mistake in an article, even a small one, can make all the difference in world
IRAQI 'BLOGGERS' SHARE THEIR JOY AND THANKS TO THE U.S.(Read it first hand before the media twist)
Grim-Faced Katie Couric, Wearing Black, Downplays Success, Highlights Problems
Terrorist Behind September 11 Strike was Trained by Saddam
At least one cynic remains amid those cheering the capture

Sunday, December 14, 2003

In Their Own Words: The Democratic Candidates (re: Saddams Capture)
A.N.S.W.E.R Statement on Recent Developments in Iraq (HUGE BARF ALERT)
Pictures of Victory-Newspaper Front Pages, Magazine Covers, Photos etc. (Saddam Capture)
Recording Stupid Leftist Comments (On the Capture of Hussein) for Posterity
Hillary's trip
Cool pic at Basrah Airport
Telegraph | News | Terrorist behind September 11 strike was trained by Saddam
AP: Baghdadis Celebrate Saddam's Capture

Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Kerry blaming Bush for Kerry's own bill
*Breaking* Tom McClintock Endorses Howard Kaloogian for U.S. Senate!
The Name Change: Why We Did It (Paper Drops "Christmas")
O'Reilly displays his total ignorance on "assault" weapons ban
$320k dating agency bill - but no women
US poll finds support for UN except among Republicans
Howl-ins set in five cities
It Makes Little Sense To Offer In-State Tuition To Illegal Aliens
Mugabe*s bodyguards scuffle with journalists [in Geneva]
Crackdown on Gangs Brings Mexico Violence
The NRA’s deliciously absurd plan
Urban Schools Say "No Trespassing" to Top Teachers
Tommy Chong's Next Movie
British Axe-Murderer only serves 21 months
LAUGH BREAK Only half of tickets sold to Clinton talk ("security expert" BillyBoy bombs in Canada)
Politically Correct Christmas

Monday, December 08, 2003

Judge frees controversial multimillionaire
Showtime's The Reagans as Belittling and Derogatory as Feared
Liberalism's obituary
Tillman isn't helping debate over slave reparations "I want 40 acres and a Lexus."
U.N. control of Web rejected
In world of racial diversity, what is 'white'?
Diversity Disrespected: Wells College Student Government Refuses to Recognize Republican Club
Victims' kin blast WTC video game
Christmas Show Scams Fla. School Children

Tuesday, December 02, 2003

Gun Laws do Not Reduce Criminal Violence According to New Study

Study Finds Sky Is Blue

It's time to kick some British butt (Star Parker)
The predators of Planned Parenthood - Michelle Malkin
Bush leaves awe in his Baghdad wake (good read)
Meet the public school that spends $45K per student....
Poll: President's approval on the rise after Thanksgiving
Mark Steyn: You're All Wrong About Canada
Did Bush Visit Iraq? (Conspiracies-R-Us)
“You Can’t Say That”: Canadian thought police on the march.
Dean: I'd 'Break Up' Fox News
The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of FreeRepublic [OK I'm a liberal so ZOT me!]:

"Liberal: A person unable to process truth. Hateful. Given to belief in goofy conspiracy theories about big buinsess and political connections. Really believes junk science that claims SUV's destroy the enviornment, but travels in charter jet (buring more fossil fuel per hour than 100 SUV's in a year) to the Clinton Inaugural Enviornmentalist Ball. Believes that Americans disagree with the left only because they take orders from Rush Limbaugh. Believes the major main stream media is fair and objective. Believes that Bush is dangerous, but that Castro is a positive force in the world. Believes that Hillary Clinton really did make 100K in cattles futures. Believes that Hillary Clinton really didn't know where those subpeonaed Rose Law Firm documents were for two years. Believes that dictators can be reasoned with. Believes the UN, which has never solved anything, can solve everything.

No, we won't sue you...but we sure as hell will laugh at you.

51 posted on 12/02/2003 6:05 AM PST by Impeach the Boy

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of FreeRepublic [OK I'm a liberal so ZOT me!]
Boy Punished for Talking About Gay Mom


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