Friday, January 31, 2003

Play treats Christ as gay
Liberal Newspaper Finds Offensive Stickers At Conservative Conference

Wednesday, January 29, 2003

Monday, January 27, 2003

Impossible Task: Explaining abortion to kids.
Lieberman's Remark Shows Liberal Racism: Remark about Condi Rice crosses a line.
How guns save lives
Student's Pro-Life T-shirt Is Equivalent to the Swastika Says School Principal
Judge overturns verdict against gun company in teacher slaying
Two things that suck: capitalism, the Post
A UConn Student From Iran Picked The Wrong Time To Visit Relatives In Canada
Seat Belt Laws Save Lives, Kill Liberties
Our Common Language Identity (Is Canada turning its back on the Anglosphere?)
PETA attacks white males in order to save animals

Wednesday, January 22, 2003

Abortion Thread in Gil Thorpe Syndicated Comic (Vanity)
The dreaded H-word
Nazis, Commies & Bad Haircuts: Totalitarianism On The March In Today’s Germany
Are Multiculturalists Legalizing Rape?
Libertarians Launch 'Guns For Tots' Drive
Judge Dimisses McDonald's Lawsuit
Politically correct poster companies airbrush Beatles album without permission
Politically correct poster companies airbrush Beatles album without permission
Byrd's KKK Alibi Comes Unraveled
(OH) Official switches affiliation (due to Democrat hatred of 2nd Amendment)
Student's mom starts Web site for feedback (great stuff)
Dennis Miller on Abortion
Pro-Life Guest Appalls Hosts of ABC's 'The View'

Tuesday, January 21, 2003

Mexico Asks World Court to Block the Executions of 51 in the U.S.
Cal Thomas Stumps Stahl Who Can't Name a Conservative at CBS
When the Bad Guy is Black
Contemporary African Pterodactyls?
Roast Attendees Take Umbrage With Stunt By Penn & Teller -article on their sacrilegious stunt

...and I agree with him that Christianity can be dangerous. Look at the Trade Center. That was done in the name of religion."

That was done in the name of a specific religion, which has as it's primary tenet world domination by armed force. And an atheist movement in Germany killed 13 million people. Another atheist movement, in Russia, killed more than 20 million. And an atheist movement in the United States has killed more than 40 million, and hasn't stopped. The hypocrisy (and historical ignorance) of Messrs. Jilette and Teller is astounding.
You can clone a cat, but it won't necessarily act or look like the original
I Am Not a Terrorist - An Open Apology, The Sequel - 01.21.03
Duke students protest speaker
Fired Up (Former NFL Player Now NORML Spokesman)
EU Rule Forces 'Too High' Park Swings to Close
Worker finds fetus at treatment plant
Illegal music sites 'here to stay' RIAA Admits
Suit Charges Seminary With Pro-Gay Teachings
24-hour stay-in centre for babies - JAN 16, 2003
Sitcom writer leaves Hollywood for family

Monday, January 20, 2003

What's up with George Clooney? Actor's become the angriest man in Hollywood
Samantha Smith predicted it - now it's official: 'In Gaia We Trust'
Penn & Teller ridicule Christ's crucifixion
Penn & Teller ridicule Christ's crucifixion
America's overweight poor
Chrysler's insult [Critics of Jesse Jackson "mere conservatives"]
Lesbian TV kiss is latest of many
Unpleasant facts about racial preferences
Belafonte slams Bush (and stands by his remarks about Powell) ALERT
Breaking Gun Laws
Drug policy goes to pot
I just flipped a black liberal to conservative( Vanity )
Knife crime soars (growing knife culture in UK)
Hollywood mag spikes 'pedophile warning'

Wednesday, January 15, 2003

Stupidity Watch: John La Carr
Baby toy: 'I hate you': Family finds Christmas gift uttering 'subliminal' message
Long night for San Francisco school board (BOARD MANDATES TO TEACH PRO-PALI & ANTI WAR!)

Sunday, January 05, 2003

Justice Vacated in Central Park Case
Peace rally runs into war veterans; Tempers erupt as protesters meet at Vietnam memorial
Total Ban on Smoking the Only Solution (Canada)
Grasping the New Year's 'right' debates - (here's a guide to the factions of the right )
Call It by Any Other Name, It Still Adds Up to a Crusade (
Family of man killed at LAX files $30 million claim against city
Falwell: Press downplaying Islamic atrocities
Second 'cloned baby' born
Affirmative Action Faces a New Wave of Anger
Married man's mistress ordered to pay wife's private detective bill

Friday, January 03, 2003

Students will be allowed to use sunblock at school without a prescription (& more new laws in CA)
Germany again tightens rules governing (American's) privately-owned firearms
Germany again tightens rules governing (American's) privately-owned firearms
Mark Steyn: Multiculturalists must face the music
Rabbi stabbed in Paris synagogue
Manistee woman still sour over 'insulting words' conviction
Felony Stop Leaves Family Traumatized
Waitress hit by car dies - murdered by 4 customers walking out on $100 Bennigan's tab in Irving


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