Thursday, July 31, 2003

Bulge in lake worries YNP scientists
Bush called 'President Shrub' in government memo
Century-Old Stockton Restaurant Closing Over Disabled Access Lawsuit
Hurricane Names Go Politically Correct
God's Physics Experiment
Four letters that shook the world (WWJD)
Prosecutors say Kobe lied to authorities

: "Still, Denver trial lawyer Craig Silverman said it may not matter if Bryant lied to investigators.

'I don't think it means a lot,' Silverman said. 'In the post-Bill Clinton era it's not surprising that a married man would lie about a martial infidelity.' "
'Pagan god' sneaked in California budget

Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Study: Bible breaks good for school kids
Kobe scandal leaves Nike with real beef; Is Nike trying to make a fast break from Kobe Bryant
Making and faking the news that fits
Gibson's gaffe. Mel Gibson needs to take a history class.
Researchers help define what makes a political conservative (Mega-Barf Alert!)
Wellesley College 1969 Student Commencement Speech of Hillary D. Rodham
Impromptus: Beware Hillary. Hoover, always Hoover. Gay High (cont.) — and more
The 'Gigli' Is Up [new Affleck/J-Lo movie sucks sour frog @$$]
BBQs are as 'bad as fags'
Estate agent, 63, is world's oldest male stripper
Republican Breakup?
Taped Peterson calls heard
Morning Becomes Apoplectic
Out of step, big time Mark Steyn
Ice-Cream 'Sue Fat Movement' Leaves Washington-Area Consumers Cold
Pro-Life Groups Blast NARAL's New Ad Campaign
Bush Casts Aside Calls to Legalize Gay Marriage
Sorry, You're Nobody's Type -- Dating Sites Now Reject Some Applicants Upfront
Mothers Lose Vaccination Fight --- MOTHERS LOSE JAB APPEAL

Monday, July 28, 2003

Study: Kansas Is Flatter Than a Pancake
Immigration, Multiculturalism & Islam in Sweden - Out of Control
SCHOOL'S 'OUT' (NY Opening High School for Gays, Bisexual, Transgender Students)
NBC: Handling of Sons “Quite Offensive to Islamic Sensibilities”
Financially, we wacky Californians aren't trendsetters
Americans aren't ugly as tourists anymore
Newsweek Poll on Iraq - (Bush Haters are forewarned)
Margaret Marshall Is Having Troubles with Gay Marriage
Hatch's call for loosening of gun laws questioned (Lots of good news here)

Saturday, July 26, 2003

Bob Dylan Plays Bob Dylan, Whoever That Is
Homeowner Boards Blur Line of Who Rules Roost
Blasts at liberal 'traitors' win US book war
All the News that's Print to Fit: Does the New York Times have any credibility left?
Who Made George W. Bush Our King?He Can Designate Any of Us an Enemy Combatant
Calif. Senate OKs transgender protections (Companies MUST hire transgenders)
Longview boy viciously attacked by child gang - 7 yr old wouldn't join their gang
Cameras OK'd in Court for Bryant Hearing
A Moral Majority: Soccer moms are more anti-abortion than you think
Judge Kozinski's Decision of 7/25/03
Checks from IRS on their way to millions of families with children

Thursday, July 24, 2003

Islamists and RINOS derail Pipes Nomination (my title)
Parents file lawsuit over Star Wars video(Star Wars Kid)
NEA Shouts Down Conservative Teacher's Call for Tolerance
NEA Shouts Down Conservative Teacher's Call for Tolerance
Dear Elizabeth: I Didn't Do It (Reuters put my name on a horribly slanted story)
In Search of Noah’s Ark
Report: Addicts Need Disability Income
Populist Internet Infuriates Hollywood Fatcats
Poll shows many Germans see U.S. Behind Sept 11 Attacks
Bible verse plaques to return to Grand Canyon

Sunday, July 20, 2003

Paris has seen the farm (Hilton heiress gets her hands dirty)
Out here, girls just wanna have guns
Kobe case creating divisiveness along racial, gender lines in Colorado town
Asset seizure law causing havoc [WOD update]
Watchdog Group: Savage Slurs Jews
Pedophile Used Phony Soc. Sec. Number to Get Custody of Foster Child (You Won't Believe Perp's Name)
ACLU asks federal judge to dismiss case against man-boy sex group
Accused Kitten Killer Could Face Deportation
Tony Martin refused leave 'because of risk to burglars' -
Community needs more banana-like ideas and ideals
Clinton To Let His Hair Down At Mandela's Birthday Party
Frank Rich: Why Liberals Are No Fun

: "At Fox, Mr. Ailes invented not only agenda-driven news ingeniously branded 'fair and balanced' but also 'the whoosh': that sound that announces the arrival of a new headline. The whoosh may be idiotic, but TV wasn't long ago christened the idiot box for nothing. Idiocy can be fun."

Saturday, July 19, 2003

RIAA nails 1,000 music-lovers in 'new Prohibition' jihad
JUSTICE AT A SNAIL'S PACE (teacher member North American Man-Boy Love Association)
Do you know what your 'rights' are? Kyle Williams debunks Democrat drivel
Nothing's 'fine' for (Kobe) Bryant now
Arianna Huffington touted as recall alternative
Court: Divorced mom can keep address secret from (non-violent) ex-husband
"It's the Language, stupid!" - The Frightening Secret to Bush's Success
Blond Lightning on the Far Right (New York Times: Ann Coulter a "puppet short a few strings")

Friday, July 18, 2003

Mark Steyn: My faith in America starts to crumble like Caerphilly
Cal Poly Defends Free Speech Policy Amid Dispute With White Student
Internet gay cannibalism net widens
‘They tied me up and hacked off my lips’
Ari Fleischer on Letterman Blaims Media for 'Overblown' Uranium Story
The End of the Line for Penthouse?
Statements by Kobe Bryant and His Wife
Man uses cell phone to ask police to stop chasing him
Kobe Bryant Charged with 1 count of class 3 sexual assault!!
Law Student With a History of Taking Left Turns
So, Hillary has this HUGE book...
Foust guilty of murder in death of Irving waitress

Monday, July 14, 2003

When the right was right (Buchanan on Senator Joseph McCarthy)
Time bomb (North Korea is the absolute craziest place on earth – MUST READ article)
Where have all the Americans gone? (Greece) (Victor Davis Hanson alert)
Caption Ari and Helen (Warning: Graphic Imagery!)
Filene's Bans Sisters for Complaints
Lament of the Single Woman (Women & Marriage)
SUV Supporters Counter Jesus Ads - Man named Jesus Rivera used in ad
Outcry forces prisons to pull plug on TV satellite porn
Pop singer Beyonce Knowles performs scantily-clad dance on tomb of President Ulysses S Grant
Announcing FR's "Columnist's Corner" on the Free Republic Network!

Sunday, July 13, 2003

Saturday, July 12, 2003

Canadians vote Bush least-liked president
Democrats Need Campaign Slogans For "Penis Guy" Race In New Jersey
Burgers are as addictive as drugs
Bizarre Game Targets Women: Hunting for Bambi: Parts 1 & 2 - paintball goes porno
Sex in nursing homes
Sex lessons for five-year-olds 'should be compulsory'
Gadhafi: 'Straights' Don't Get AIDS
Arafat calls upon children to become 'martyrs'
German-bashing unacceptable: Schroeder
CA: Brutal killing stuns family (San Jose drive-over/dragging)
Ex-Times editor: I was forced out

Friday, July 11, 2003

Child-killer Susan Smith posts online personals ad
When Jewish Is Too Jewish
Child-killer Susan Smith posts online personals ad
The Tipping Divide: Study Finds Differences in Tips by Black, White Restaurant Patrons
You Can Begin To Learn About The Bible Here...
Dead man was torture victim
This kid hates the Clintons-How to Destroy a Village: What the Clintons Taught a 17 Year Old
CNN reporter Slams US Talk Radio!
Where is the apology for slavery? (Derrick Z. Wants an Apology From the Crackers)
'Kill the president' e-mail prompts probe Santa Rosa teacher gave assignment

Saturday, July 05, 2003

British examine Salem (Oregon) shooting
Bottled Water Creating A Mess: "'Sometimes I can’t figure it out, they say ‘plastic’ and you have to sit and think for a minute whether it’s plastic or whatever. It’s too much thinking involved,' said Ella Fial. "
"Overcoming Liberalism: A 12-Step Program"
X-Entertainment: The Incredible Hulk's Foam Hands!
Train doors close on groper's gonads, sets perversion off on different track
Train doors close on groper's gonads, sets perversion off on different track
Andrew Sullivan: It’s all getting a little hysterical
Has she no shame?:

"There have been some wonderfully silly posts in here by lefty-lurkers and others, yours among them, so let me clear some things up:

1. Yes, I can read. I read Conason, and I read Coulter. Unlike you (and some others) I actually read both! Worse for me, I suppose, I actually lived through most of the years she discusses, so I know first-hand what she's talking about, and trust me, she's right. By the way, a personal request: Please, in the future, when are trying to be witty, say something that's actually witty; otherwise you just seem silly and petty.

2. The theme of Coulter's book is that for fifty years the left has in general acted and spoken publicly in such a way as to always give aid and comfort to the enemy. The occasional specific exception (e.g., Scoop Jackson, or the occasional moment of an Al Gore--most people probably won't remember; it was in the 80's) does not disprove the general thesis. That's the subject Conason fails to or refuses to engage. Instead, he spends however many words name-calling like a six year old, which is the kind of exertion that should raise the antennae: why, in that much space, can't he at least try to answer her general charge? Instead, the strategy of his piece is to claim that she left some things out, or got this or that specific instance of things wrong. The fact is (for example), there were communists in the State Department, and they were defended by Democrats, and promoted by Democrats, despite warnings by authorities. More recently, Democrats led the charge not just against the Viet Nam war, but for Ho Chi Minh. They praised Sadaam.... One should be entitled to ask, after a certain point, what's with these guys (and women) Why do they always--always!--take the anti-American position? These are sensible questions, asked by Coulter, unanswered by Conason.

If you're a controversialist like Coulter, you could then ask the next logical question, which is: how would the positions taken by Democrats be different if they were actively seeking to undermine the country? Again, from Conason, words and words, but no answer, other than to call Ann in so many words a penis-head.

The point of the headline to my post was that some men refuse to take women seriously. Name-calling is not a serious argument. Ask yourself this question: if treason had been written by, say, Christopher Hitchens or George Will or Bill Buckley, would Conason respond with this bitch-screed?

I hope this is helpful."

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