Sunday, August 31, 2003

Schwarzenegger planning to attend single debate

Friday, August 29, 2003

Help needed on researching a person's background Any PIs, FBI agents out there?
Islamists Say Event Celebrating 9/11 Terrorists Not Really A Celebration of Terrorism
Pity Madonna, career on the slide, betrayed by a kiss
Prichett in his own words: Can a black man own a gun in Cook County?
Schwarzenegger Wrong for Gun Owners, Wrong for California
Girl Kicked Out Of School For Wearing Muslim Scarf (Kicked out of Catholic School)
Al Franken was hated on own sitcom set
At least 75 killed in Iraqi bombing
Jewish leaders condemn film (The Passion)
Cambodian woman kills husband with attack to the genitals

Thursday, August 28, 2003

The 'Overgaying' of America:

"If the prospect we face this summer seems bleak, there are nevertheless some hopeful signs. Try as they may to stop opposition, gay activists haven't won the American — or even the Canadian — heart. Far from it.

In fact, 'overgayed' Americans are waking up to the fact that they are, indeed, under a pro-homosexual onslaught — and they don't appear to like it.

'Americans are saying, 'Enough is enough. We're all for tolerance, but this is much more than we've bargained for,' ' Knight said.

A recent USA Today/CNN poll documented a remarkable shift of opinion: more than 10 percent of Americans who had developed a favorable view about homosexuality have actually re-embraced their disapproval. That means a majority of Americans now oppose the gay agenda.

'Among African-Americans, the shift was very pronounced — it was over 20 percent,' Knight said. 'Among African-Americans who attend church weekly, over 30 percent changed their ideas and oppose the gay agenda. That poll was so striking that they actually conducted it twice just to make sure.'"

From JEB to FR: Full text of Gov Bush's letter to Judge Greer re: Terri Schiavo
Hold the Left accountable:

"In the contemporary world of human rights, when you call a person a right-winger, it is the first step toward his or her delegitimization. "

Insert light bulb here.

Bustamante Won't Renounce Ties to Chicano Student Group: IT'S OFFICIAL
N. Korea: Fear of Kim's Wetness Stirs Up Cheerleaders (a priceless depiction of N. Korean mindset)
Deporting convicted killer wrong: U.N.
The Courts vs. the Constitution
BREAKING - Mississippi Governor Ronald Musgrove Offers To Take Unwanted 10 Commandents From Alabama
Tammy Bruce: No Sympathy for the Devil
Bogus Betrayal? [New York Times (mis)identifies livid lib as disillusioned Bush supporter]


Evolution on the Meat-Sex Exchange
England: Hosp.'too busy' to deliver baby (instead woman told to take paracetamol & have a bath.)
Bustamante Ties to Student Movement Raises Questions of Racism
New poll says Americans disapprove of federal court order to remove 10 Commandments (77%!!)

Sunday, August 24, 2003

Schröder's artist friend caught in sex, drug scandal:

"Immendorf refused to comment on the police raid, but friends say he is 'very frightened' of being victimised by the media.

The artist, a professor at Dusseldorf's Academy of Arts, rose to prominence in the 1970s as one of the Jungen Wilden (young wild ones) group of artists.

A former Left-wing Maoist activist who also owned a well-known bar in Hamburg's red-light district, he is best known for his painting Cafe Deutschland, which takes Germany's post-war division as its main subject. He attracted widespread media coverage two years ago when he married one of his students, Oda Jaune, who is 30 years his junior.

Immendorf's rebel image attracted the attention of Chancellor Schröder, who has made a habit of entertaining Left-wing artists, writers and intellectuals with supposedly 'progressive' views since he was first elected five years ago. "
McClintock Statement on Withdrawal of Candidate Bill Simon:

Senator Tom McClintock today released the following statement:

I am genuinely sorry that Bill Simon is dropping out of the race. He offered a perspective to the debate that will be missed. But his decision to withdraw intensifies my resolve to stay and fight.

At stake in this campaign, is the future of California - and that decision belongs to the people of California and must not be left to the country club back rooms. If the most qualified candidate must defer every time a celebrity or a millionaire casts a longing eye on public office, we’ve lost something very important in our democracy, and it’s called merit.

They said that War Admiral couldn’t be beat and shouldn't have to run a race against the likes of Seabiscuit. Let me assure everyone that I am one horse that is in this race to the finish line.

# # #

Monday, August 18, 2003

Wednesday, August 13, 2003

92 Cases Reveal Court's Outlook on Guns
One man’s lonely fight to bear arms
Why white professional males are on the verge of extinction
The myth of over-population (May 2000)
Ardor Day: Environmentalism has become a religion (May 2002)
Government sued over coastal plover critical habitat (which could close Calif. beaches)(May 2002)
San Diegan Accused Of Cruelty To 35,000 Rats: Rodents Sold To Pet Stores, Zoos For Food
For anyone who wants to start homeschooling
The Marriage Strike - Why are men reluctant to marry?
Is Kabbalah Ruining Ritchie?
Why I’m a Conservative and not a Libertarian
Suicide bomber's mother: 'I'll kill whoever dispatched son'
Canada's Homosexual Marriage Bill Imperiled by Liberal Defections
Gilligan damned by evidence of colleagues (Lying BBC Bastard NAILED! MUST READ!)
Is banning the Bible next?
Time For Howie To Fess Up – Is Dean An Abortionist?
Feminism's Thousand Year Reich (what university feminsts want for Men and your sons)
CAR-SMASH RING NETTED MILLIONS: DA (Russian criminals targeted female drivers with children)
FEATURE-Actress death exposes rife wife-beating in France

Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Blah Blah Blog (Dowd alert)
Cockroaches topple domino record attempt
This Woman Scares Anyone WIth A Rational Mind

:: "Everyone knows that the majority of Californians are upset with Davis because he' s too conservative." ::

Ariannazsazsa speaks. She should keep it up.

Praising Paglia: A lonely voice on education
The Real Voting (Thomas Sowell on California's problems)
British National nabbed for trying to smuggle missile into NYC
Bush Plans to Sidestep Senate (Recess Appt. Pipes!)
Latinos start boycott against Batavia firms
Percentage of homeschooled children booming
'Choking Hazard' for Democrats: Bush Action Figure

Friday, August 08, 2003

Mark Steyn: Anglicans seem to take a sacrament as whatever turns you on
Socialist candidate enters race to be Houston mayor
Whatever happened to the X-rated film?

:: Sexually explicit film material led to the remarks of a prudish Ted Turner, which may still echo in Time Warner hallways. He was infuriated by what he felt was a synergistic betrayal when the Time Warner subsidiary New Line released David Cronenberg's Crash with an NC-17, which alone might have been one of the best reasons to make it. ::

Is it just me, or is this one of the worst paragraphs ever written?

Father of dead soldier claims Army coverup
Why African-American boys often fail in school
Phillies' 'gay' day protested
Senator Blasted for Abusing Office, Seeks IRS Probe of Conservative Group
U.S. Indicts Porn Sellers, Vowing Extensive Attack
Universal pre-school heads to Nov. ballot

:: "Which is one reason I don't send my kids to public school. I may not have a fancy house or go on big vacations .. but at least I don't have to worry about my kids learning stuff that has nothing to do with school .. my kids actually learn to read, write and math. ::

:: 12 posted on 08/07/2003 10:06 PM PDT by Mo1 ::

Interesting concept, isn't it?
How The Left Lost Teen Spirit

Monday, August 04, 2003

A Bioethicist's Take on Genesis
Dixie Chicks Thread Goes Wild on Free Republic
Videos of Uday Hussein whiping the soles of their feet (torture and reason unknown)

Couldn't watch this either...

NY Times' Frank Rich Blasts Mel Gibson, Drudge, NewsMax's Jim Hirsen
NY Times' Frank Rich Blasts Mel Gibson, Drudge, NewsMax's Jim Hirsen
Maker of Nutella Spread Ditches Kobe Bryant
Weird But True (Guy robbed of his entire HOUSE)
American Border Patrol's Glenn Spencer arrested on gun charge

Sunday, August 03, 2003

Bloodthirsty or a classic? Gibson's film of Christ's last days alarms Jewish groups
Outraged Republican Fires Back At Anti-Bush TV Ads
Mass. school superintendent fails must-pass English test

The last line is cardiac arrest time.

Legal warning to church on gay stance
Human Shredding in Abu Ghraib Prison

I myself couldn't read past the title, but I thought I'd put it in here regardless...

'Black' hurricane names brewing swirl of dissent
FDA Removes Unappetizing Warning Label From Fake Fat Olestra
A Hate Crime the Elite Media Missed
U.S Goes Two Days With No Combat Deaths


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