Sunday, November 30, 2003

Protestantism spreads in Cuba

Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Kucinich's offhand request attracts throngs of women
"When homosexuals take over a parish" (a story from North Carolina)
"It's Not Racial Barriers That Keep Blacks From Prospering."
2004 Dirty Dozen "Violent Toys, DVDS and Games" - Laugh at the ninnies!!!
Murdered G.I.s may have died for a lie
Obasanjo: Mugabe not welcome at Commonwealth summit
Obasanjo: Mugabe not welcome at Commonwealth summit
Military adds sex charges against Muslim chaplain
City School Tests Reveal Sharp Ethnic Disparities (Berkeley)

Friday, November 21, 2003

Gen. Franks Doubts Constitution Will Survive WMD Attack
(CA) Senate leader contends effort to kill (illegal immigrant) license law is `racist'
Moral blindness blights anti-Bush protesters
Unwanted Penis Web Ads Prompt Calif. Spam Rage 20 minutes ago
Beyond the Pale: Steyn on Jacko
Attorney Wants Jackson's Children Removed
Panel calls for neutral bathrooms
Conservatives leave 'closet' during rally
Curate: Why I Sued Police over 'Cleft Palate' Abortion
Network TV's Case of the Missing Men (Or, "The Day TV Died")
State Medicaid rejects liver transplant for Altoona man with HIV

Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Task force labeled liberal
**Photo Essay** The EuroVermin anarchist left greets President Bush in London - Day 2
Muslims Ask Dr. Laura to Apologize for 'Tirade'
Man Arrested For Allegedly Abusing Rats
CIA Seeks Probe of Iraq-Al Qaeda Memo Leak [Memo reveals Iraq-Al Qaeda link Dems said was impossible
Senators Question Case Against Officer Accused of Abusing Iraq Detainee (Viva James Inhofe)
Senators Question Case Against Officer Accused of Abusing Iraq Detainee (Viva James Inhofe)
Michael Jackson still doesn’t get it
Dearth of Men Felt at Colleges Across the Country -Apparent Among Minority Groups at UC Berkeley
Jacko Accuser: 'Wine and Sleeping Pills' (alleged victim was cancer patient)
Collusion Memos
Editorial: Teens and sex/A poll produces startling results
Hey buddy, is it Chuck or is it Charles? (Eurinals offended mainly by Bush’s hokey style)
Is anyone actually hearing what Bush is saying?
Lewinsky: 'I can't get a man'

Sunday, November 16, 2003

Wal-Mart covering up 'I hate you' baby toy?
Why Six Days? (Six Days of Creation, Literal Days or Era's.
ADL Interfaith Official Quits, Stance on Film Questioned
Was Terri Schiavo Beaten in 1990?
All of a sudden the Patriot Act isn't just about terrorists anymore
All of a sudden the Patriot Act isn't just about terrorists anymore
Ten American Biographies Everyone Should Read
Bloomberg: Giuliani Acted 'In Terms of Race'
Missing Iraq War Veteran Turns Up Slain (Suspects are fellow soldiers)

Saturday, November 15, 2003

Romney Signs DNA Bill-ALL PERSONS Having ANY Felony Convictions Must Submit Sample to State
British Olympic hope 'was Iraq suicide bomber'
Arsonists torch Jewish school near Paris (on the same day as bombing in Turkey)
Istanbul Synagogue Bombs Prompt Israeli Mission
Louisiana To Make Political History Saturday
'It's not you, it's me, OK?': The cartoonish character of pro-abortion thinking
Prez in Topless Tabloid - London Paper Nabs Rare Bush Exclusive
Baby Sitter Arrested, Accused Of Witchcraft, Satanism
Baby Sitter Arrested, Accused Of Witchcraft, Satanism

Friday, November 14, 2003

Judging Paris: Let's Go To the Videotape
For God's Sake - Teens open their wallets for a new breed of pop-culture Bible.
Dilemma: Endangered Birds Eat Endangered Fish

Thursday, November 13, 2003

'PREACHERS OF HATE'--'Breathtaking' wrath at U.N.
The Mainstream Media Is The No. 1 Threat To World Peace
Remove Dennis Kucinich's Feeding Tube!
LTC Al West Responds to FR Article
Appeals court overturns machine gun conviction (9th Circus?)
Fair and Balanced?
The Mum Made of TWO Women
Remove Dennis Kucinich's Feeding Tube!
Remember That Party Question? (CNN caught again!)
School exercise not poetry to mother's ears
The Assault Weapons Ban May Be Bush's Undoing
Kerry Cites Nonexistent Poll Showing Him Defeating Hillary Clinton
Social Worker Union Cites Homeschooling as Contributing to Child Abuse at Congressional Hearing
Red America:How Bush will likely beat his 537-vote "landslide."(BIG SWEAT for Democrats)
Mother appeals ruling on gays
Mother appeals ruling on gays
Red Cross bans Jesus - Bosses fearful of offending minority faiths
Public schools: Why Johnny can't blog
Too Young, Too Rich?

Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Apology to Muslims and censure of Boykin: Resolution H. Res. 419, introduced by Rep. John Conyers
    PBS Facing Crisis:

"The reality, however, is that energy in TV comes from a steady series of new hits, and those remain scarce. Ms. Mitchell admitted to the Washington Post that her network is 'under stress.' She was not available for comment for this story, but PBS executives who were, including Judy Harris, executive VP, PBS business and development; and Jacoba Atlas, senior VP and co-chief programming officer, repeatedly emphasized that the network is not concerned about ratings. They said PBS puts its 'mission' first and foremost, especially a quest to provide 'diversity' in programming. 'We are not about ratings. We are committed to diversity, to tell a story that television is not presenting,' Ms. Atlas said. "

12 Things You Didn't Know About U.S. Presidents (FREEPers Exempted)
NBC's entertainment chief: We're partly to blame for viewers fleeing (Programming "Just Sucked.")
Cowards At CBS Play Us For Fools
CBS Statement Regarding 'The Reagans'
2 who had sex in classroom won't be charged
Feeling Sexy? It Could Be Your Cat
Montel Williams arrested at Detroit Metro Airport for drug possession.
The Mourning Show - Cher Shares Some Horror Stories on C-Span

Monday, November 03, 2003

Porn goes mainstream
Nation's 20 Biggest Newspapers Get Circulation Report Card
FDA "Aggressively Investigating" Holly Patterson's Abortion Drug Death
Judge refuses to ban Republicans' poll challengers from black neighborhoods
Simpsons Fan Creates Real Life "Tommacco"!
Novak: No anti-Semitism in Gibson's 'Passion'
Actor Tim Robbins: "F*** Compassionate Conservatives"
Symantec Blocks Pro-gun Sites
Hockey Stick Slapped Climate change's Bellesiles?

Sunday, November 02, 2003

Venezuela: Don't believe Chávez's lies
National Education Education now in the gun control business
Bush is a powerful personality; no wonder he inspires hatred
Sun may be causing 'Global-Warming' -
Fight over woman's feeding tube leaves husband's life in limbo (Terri Schiavo)
The Vatican's New Realism about Islam
Monkeys Terrorize India Workers, Tourists
Republican Riot!!! (An Evening of Stand-up Comedy)
'It's a pay scale for the Iraqis: $700 for an attack on a tank; $1,000 for a helicopter'
Democrat 'Metrosexuals' Hard to Believe
Respecting the dignity of every human being (Bishop Warner defends ordination of Gene Robinson.)
Explosives Lab Connected To Satanic Cults
ACLU Hasn't A-C-L-U-E
Joseph Sobran Examines "Compassion and Talk Radio"
Texas: New smoking ordinance passed
Parenting - Mom's not the word -- for everyone
Sting Urges World to Help Rebuild Iraq

Saturday, November 01, 2003

For Democrats, Economy's Surge Poses Challenge
A Jew in Baghdad-we are not just fighting terrorism but something much more fundamental
NYPress - Feature - Celia Farber - Vol. 16, Iss. 42
Attack of the Open Border Elites (Ingraham)
STEYN: PUNCH DRUNK (Mark on Minnelli)
How the Unions Killed a Dream
Mark Steyn- Ladies' laddy (Profile: Rod Stewart)
CBS set to pay for attack on the Gipper (Ad Boycott Over Reagan Smear Movie Working)
Halloweenies -- The ghouls of political correctness take the fun out of being a kid
"Jews against Jesus?" (Christianity Today responds to critics of Gibson's "Passion")


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