Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Why I Still Love Sarah Palin

I really take, and have taken, a load of flak and ridicule for my admiration and support of Governor Sarah Heath Palin. But, so far, I haven't been shaken in my faith that she is one of the best people we have in politics today. Let me explain my position.

Although I will reference Obama aplenty below, please note that I believe that the biggest threat to the Republic and the liberty of its citizens is the heretofore-known-as "mainstream" media. Obama wouldn't be president without them, and we probably wouldn't need this conversation about Palin without them either. 

Here goes:

1) "She's stupid." Having never had a really "feminist" moment in my life (except for one argument with a male friend over women in the military), I find this "stupid" label to be one of the more sexist attacks against the Governor, although there are other examples.

When somehow it seemed that the presidential election was between Obama and Palin, Barack's brains and intellect were lauded as so much loftier than hers and he so much more prepared and competent for the presidency. Boy, have we learned our lesson.

If being able to read fine words with a genteel accent is what makes the grade, then sure... he was the "brains" of the operation. But a little over a year after the election and it has become quite plain that little backs up the hype of the introduction.

President Obama is not as smart as he and his acolytes think he is, and anyone at his age that still hews to the failed ideologies of the left is an idiot, or just a very angry person. Neither quality befits a national leader. Surrounding himself with kooks and cons and commies and the arrogance that only the left can muster over their fellow man and, well... give me someone who doesn't believe they are so smart that they are convinced that they can run every facet of the private individual's life.

Does it take a genius to understand the delineation between the public and private sectors of life? Apparently not.

I'll take a "moron" over that kind of imperiousness any day of the week, and continue to purchase and utilize the light bulbs of my preference, or the car that best suits my needs, or keep my home at the temperature that makes me most comfortable. Thanks.

2) "She has no experience." It seems that the only experience that counts for the leftist media is some kind of lawyerly blood-sucking... Edwards, Obama, the Clintons, etc. They support those who like to target and take down business as opposed to create business. Obama, the alleged brilliant constitutional scholar still can't seem to understand the difference between a state and federal law or jurisdiction, at the time had never run a business, and now is running the nation into the ground.

Palin on the other hand has run a business, a town, and a state. She has brokered major deals involving major players. She knows where the reach of fedgov ends.

Maybe now that she's written an autobiography she'll be  considered fit for the presidency. Or for a Grammy for the audio version... oh, yeah... except that she doesn't speak with the cool genteel accent.

3) "Change." Yeah, sure... McCain wouldn't have changed too much in Washington, but the specter, the target, was Sarah.  However, if the change we were promised was bringing Chicago-style thug tactics to D.C. and trading in a pro-American perspective for a three-ring circus of anti-American, ally-dissing, freedom short-shrifting genuflection... well... you can keep it. Sure, McCain wasn't even in my top three choices for president,  but I am certain that he never would have approached this level of bad.

Sarah Palin was an example of the real change people were looking for, a real outsider... but the powers that be on both sides of the aisle weren't interested. Too many deals being made, too many backs being rubbed, too many winks... and an incorruptible public servant on the way in? Wasn't going to happen. Decades of complacent compromising has tainted far too many in our house of lords... and that is how the majority of them see themselves.

No, the change we actually really need has once again been delayed.

I could go on and on, and will probably revisit this theme in a few days, as I have much more to write on the subject. Am I saying that I want Sarah Palin as our president? Maybe... maybe not. But I can no longer abide with the rabid, destructive media assault on this woman, this individual who has faced and continues to face a mouth-foaming hatred the likes of which I have never seen.

Would she make an excellent US president, who's to say... but without question she would be a whole heckuvalot better than the disaster we're dealing with now.

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