Friday, January 22, 2010

Perry Carries... I Love Our Gov

Well I had the privilege to chitchat a bit with the Governor on Friday evening... he had just returned from the shooting range with a bunch of bloggers (around for the Perry Blogger Summit [pdf]) and supporters where he had fired his own weapon that he personally carries (paraphrase: "I know I have a bunch of guys around, but if something goes down I'm gonna be in on the action").

We also discussed (along with Robbie Cooper of Texas's lack of open-carry freedoms (the Governor personally has nothing against it, 'though prefers concealed carry "I don't want the bad guys to know"), and the recent BATFE fishing expedition at a local gun show.

On Saturday I was able to interview Governor Perry on camera, as well as Matt K. Lewis and Andrew Breitbart (they're calling for revolution, lol). Should have video posted soon.

FR discussion here.

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