Thursday, February 22, 2007

16-year-old kills home intruder (imagine if races in story were reversed)
A little media double standard here, just for something completely different.

Seems a white kid has had to leave school due to gang dangers, has been intimidated by anti-white graffitti in front of his home, but was able to defend himself when the threat got too close.

Of course the main point here is lack of outcry -- yes, if the races were reversed, this would be national news. We're not supposed to be allowed to try and drive folks of different melanin content out of our 'hoods anymore. Some of us still can, apparently...

By KATHY JEFCOATS The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Published on: 02/21/07

Clayton County police said a 16-year-old boy was "in fear for his life" Tuesday morning when he shot and killed a masked, unarmed intruder who broke into his Riverdale home.

Interim Chief Jeff Turner said the alleged shooter, identified by neighbors as Wes Stephens, has not been charged in the shooting on Camp Road, off Flat Shoals Road near the Fulton County line.

Stephens told police he heard a window break about 11:30 a.m. in the garage of the house he shares with his parents.

"He got his father's pistol, a semiautomatic, and fired multiple times," Turner said. "The intruder went to some lengths to disguise himself, wearing black clothes and a black bandanna across his face."

After shooting the intruder in the garage, Stephens recognized the man as Marques Karun McGhee, 19, of Riverdale, a former North Clayton High School acquaintance, Turner said.

Wes Stephens' father, Wesley Howard Stephens, had withdrawn his son from North Clayton High School because of danger caused by gangs, Turner said.

Turner said police are looking for a second person who may have dropped McGhee off on Camp Road, a mostly black neighborhood of modest ranch homes on 1- and 2-acre lots, and then fled when shots were fired.

Obscene graffiti with racial overtones directed toward "Wes" is sprayed in white paint on the road in front of the Stephens home and along Camp Road. Stephens is white, McGhee black.

Neighbors Dan and Linda Harris said the graffiti showed up about 45 days ago.

"I don't know if it's gangs, a black and white thing or just stupidity," Dan Harris said. "I know we've known Wes since he was a little boy, he used to swim in our pool and we've never had any trouble out of him."

Turner said police are looking into claims that McGhee was a member of the Hit Squad, a local gang that figured prominently in the July 2004 shooting death of a toddler inside a Riverdale park.

McGhee was not a suspect in that shooting.

Clayton County court records show McGhee had two outstanding criminal cases — one involving misdemeanor possession of marijuana, the other a felony charge of theft by receiving stolen property.

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