Sunday, February 11, 2007

Banned by YouTube: Islamic Teachings, Cruelty From The Quran

This is a video that was banned by YouTube. It was posted on YouTube by an atheist who had previously posted lots of videos. But, when he posted a video called Islamic Teachings his video was removed and his account was deleted. The video is nothing more than quotes from the Quran set to music. I thought it was very well done. After YouTube deleted his account he made another video under a different username asking to be reinstated. If you watch that video you can tell he was hurt. Almost like he had lost a friend.

The video that got him banned, however, has since been reposted dozens and dozens of times.

Here is the video that got him banned:

Here is the video where Nick Gisburne asks for his account to be reinstated:

Here is his web site where you can download the video:

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