Thursday, February 18, 2010

Feminist Tries To Perpetuate Myth That She Is A Human

Hat-tip to NewsBusters for finding this soulless shrew.

Found this headline on my Yahoo! page this morning:

Canadian curler is five months pregnant

Great, I thought, a woman pursuing a physical career/activity despite societal claims that she is inhibited by her pregnancy. I dig.

And then I read the article. The first line reads,

"As with all curling teams, Team Canada features five member. Well, six if you really want to get technical with it."

Thank you, Chris Chase at Yahoo! Sports for perpetuating the myth that fetuses are people and that they are capable of Olympic curling.

Now since I haven't come across a myth that "fetuses" can curl, I'll presume she just really means the "myth" that "fetuses" are people. They ain't salami sandwiches, baby, and that's not myth or emotion, just s-c-i-e-n-c-e.

The writer apparently also wants to put an end to the myth that "feminists" have souls.

Quick hit: Yahoo! Sports perpetuating the "fetus is a person" myth. - Community

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