Monday, February 08, 2010

Get a Handle On This Scandal : Sarah Palin Gives The Media A Hand

I cannot believe that the silly left has had the temerity to knock Sarah Palin for a few words written on her hand for her speech in Nashville on Sunday. Whaddabunchamaroons.

She gave a rousing 41-minute speech... and here are the notes:


That's an issue?

Let me remind them:

Obama with TelePromTers to talk to a dozen or so people.

Sarah Palin, whether anyone wants to admit it or not, is an excellent public speaker. I love the fact that she's able to speak extemporaneously with just a few key words written on her hand. Bambi has used his TOTUSes for 3-minute intros. 3-MINUTE INTROS!

Palin also has a magnificent sense of humor. These pictures are from her appearance in Texas yesterday:

What does that say on her hand?

Hi Mom!


(I will post video of the event later today.)

And NPR weighs in:

By Mark Memmott

So, there's been some buzz in the liberal blogosphere and on CNN over photos and video that show Sarah Palin had some notes written in the palm of her left hand when she was on stage Saturday evening at the Tea Party Convention in Nashville.

As the liberal Huffington Post shows, the words were "energy","tax", "lift American spirits" and "budget cuts" with the word "budget" crossed out.

And as this video clip posted by the equally liberal Think Progress highlights, during the Q&A the 2008 GOP vice presidential nominee certainly seems to take a glance at her hand just before mentioning some of those points:

OK, so she did something that millions of Americans probably do when they've got something they need to remember. Is it as odd as what President Barack Obama did last month when he spoke to an elementary school class in Falls Church, Va.? As The Daily Show's Jon Stewart so skillfully skewered, the president brought along a teleprompter (note: there is one bleeped Stewart expletive):

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