Thursday, March 11, 2010

It's Harrykiri Again : Reid Criticizes Supreme Court -

Harakiri: Ritual suicide.

Harrykiri: A politician who continually kills his chances at ever being elected again.

Oh, the pompous ass...

WASHINGTON -- Long-simmering resentment between the conservative Supreme Court and the Democratic Congress and White House approached a boil Wednesday, as Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid criticized Chief Justice John Roberts and his fellow conservatives for striking down limits on corporate political spending.

"Do you think John Roberts knows or cares how people get elected?" the Nevada Democrat said at a meeting of liberal bloggers. With all nine justices having been drawn from the lower courts, the Supreme Court lacks understanding of the practical impact of its decisions, Mr. Reid said, according to the Web site Huffington Post.

A spokesman for Mr. Reid, Jim Manley, confirmed the remarks and added that the majority leader strongly backed President Barack Obama's push for legislation requiring corporations to disclose their political spending and imposing other regulations.


Do you think Harry Reid knows or cares how the Constitution works?

And what does he want Roberts to know about "how people get elected"? How to get dead people to vote? How to intimidate via unions and ACORN and the New Black Panther Party? How to stuff ballots? How to hand out cigarettes for votes? How to fill in the ballots of nursing home residents? How to bus illegals to the polls?

Need I go on?

Reid Criticizes Supreme Court -

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