Thursday, March 11, 2010

No Surprise Here : Zimbabwe: Millions Face New Hunger Crisis

The International Red Cross has launched an urgent appeal for funding in response to a new hunger crisis in Zimbabwe. Across Masvingo province, in the centre of the country, the parched fields are full of dead or dying maize.

Sky News found a family of four orphans picking through the weeds on their land around their homestead, trying to find something edible.

Ernest Mheti, 17, is caring for his two brothers, aged nine and seven, and his 13-year-old sister.

He was relying on his now-shrivelled crop, planted alongside the mounds of earth that mark the graves of his parents, to provide them with food for the next six months.

Heartbreaking... but maybe the Red Cross would get more help if removing Mugabe -- the pal of Chavez and the one who stole fully functioning EXPORTING THE ABUNDANCE farms from "evil whites" and gave it to, ostensibly, the poor but really to his cronies -- was part of the deal.

I wonder if Sean Penn likes the results here. Or is that an imprisonable question.

Zimbabwe: Millions Face New Hunger Crisis And International Red Cross Launches Appeal For Funding | World News | Sky News

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