Tuesday, November 02, 2010

My Thoughts On Election Day, Before The Numbers Come In

Okay, my DH and I went and voted as soon as the polls were open this morning. About a dozen people were in line ahead of us at 6:55am. Sidenote: While we're working at improving voting mechanics, how about getting the folks that work the polls to be a little more skilled. I swear I'm going to sign up to help in 2012.

I refuse to get too excited about what the results will be. The voter fraud in this nation is epic. And what with the media going all gangbusters on a GOP win, I smell, well, a Rat.

That said, I couldn't believe that The One was going to become the The Won either. But win he did. So I've been shocked before.

What seems to be a sure win that I'm looking forward to celebrating is Marco Rubio's in Florida. And LTC Allen West!

Wins that will make me cry from the shock would include Sean Bielat and Christine O'Donnell. I'll have a shot of something if Ruth McClung dislodges the vile Grijalva in Arizona. Would also love to see Dino Rossi recapture what was stolen from him in Washington.

And as for Arizona... gosh who wouldn't want to see Reid go down. I'll have a drink for me and another for Dennis Miller if that one happens (no, I can't post that rant often enough).

And if the voters of California elect Jerry Brown they deserve all that they will get.

I think a Pubbie has to get 3-5% above the margin of victory in order to nullify the votes of the bought, the fraud, and the dead.

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