Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Media Ignores Bush Success With Decision Points | The Weekly Standard

"For reasons one can't imagine." lol.

The American media, for reasons one can’t imagine, seem reluctant to report on the remarkable success of Decision Points, George W. Bush’s new book about his presidency. Indeed, other than the predictable grumbling reviews, the book hasn’t been discussed much at all by the usual suspects. Perhaps that is because they were rooting for Bush to fail. Thus, when DP opened at #1 on the New York Times bestseller list, the Book Review’s feature “Inside the List” wrongly predicted that it would not have as much “staying power” as Laura Bush’s Spoken From the Heart, and besides, was already being “eclipsed by rumors that Bill Clinton will make a cameo appearance in [an upcoming movie] “The Hangover 2.”

Not quite. Nearly two months later, Bush’s book is still leaping out of book stores. It remains #1 on the NYT Best Seller List and tops the book sales at Amazon. Moreover, according to the UK’s Daily Mail, Decision Points has lapped Bill Clinton’s My Life , selling 2 million copies in just over a month—a remarkable accomplishment that took My Life 6 years to achieve. Much to the chagrin of the American Left, George W. Bush’s rehabilitation is clearly well underway. Perhaps that is why his unquestionable triumph with Decision Points is receiving such low key reportage from the mainstream American media. It just isn’t the story they hoped to tell.

Media Ignores Bush Success With Decision Points | The Weekly Standard

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