Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Paragraph Of The Week ::: The Political Assassination of Sarah Palin

This just sizzles.

Posted by Patrick S. Adams on Thursday, January 13, 2011 1:11:47 PM
It’s obvious that we are watching a centralized smear campaign with millions of tentacles which uses selective outrage to manufacture talking points where there is no real basis in fact in order to try to destroy Sarah Palin. Watching the liberal media perform intellectually dishonest mental gymnastics (which are probably better described as sleight of mind tricks) is akin to watching a little kid who knows he’s about to lose move the ball on the pool table when the other kid isn’t looking in a last ditch effort to turn the game. These political air benders defecate on the face of journalism and the American people when they trade in their journalistic credentials in order to distort the analytical process so brutally just for the sake of destroying those with whom they disagree. The evidence of a deliberate effort to destroy Sarah Palin is now self evident.

Read the whole piece here: The Shining City On a Hill, Political Blog, Conservative Bloggers, Republican Blogspot, Political Blogs

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