Thursday, August 13, 2009

Good Grief ::: ALG Finds Details on "Right-Wing" Threat Assessment (DHS Used Google, FGS!)

So 50% of the nation was labeled, in some way or other, "right-wing-extremists" based on trolling the web, including angry lefty sites. Awesome.

The genius level of fedgov bureaucrats never ceases to amaze me. When the toads at the Southern Poverty Law Center are used as an authority on anything, it's time to demand a little common sense. Thank goodness we were screaming for the repeal of the report even before we realized how really really retarded it was.


Americans for Limited Government, which is the parent group of NetRight Nation, had it's Research Department do some digging on the right-wing threat assessment released from the Homeland Security Department. What they turned up was very interesting.

The sources for the potential threats were actually from websites as well as some blogs. Essentially, this Homeland Security threat assessment was not based on any intelligence but on what someone found in doing some Google searches.

Go here for the intelligence gathering... I mean site links:
ALG Finds Details on "Right-Wing" Threat Assessment

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