Saturday, September 26, 2009

Awesome, LoL ::: iowahawk: Art Will Not Be Silenced!

Hey if the NEA can do it for our Dear Leader...

Win a $33.18 grant from the Iowahawk Endowment for the Arts

Like you, when I read that a cabal of art-hating reactionary philistines had forced the resignation of Yosi Sergant from the National Endowment for the Arts, I was sickened. This was followed by shame, then fear. And then, finally, the realization that here was a golden opportunity for cheap blog traffic.

As a renowned collector of dumpster art and pork industry commemorative plates, I made a solemn vow to myself: this injustice will not stand. If these radicals are allowed to bring down the NEA's Assistant Liaison for Art Community Outreach -- for merely organizing an innocent devotional art program -- who is next on their dangerous anti-culture agenda? The NEA Undersecretary for Public Engagement? Western Civilization itself?

No, my friends, the stakes are too high. We in the Arts community must confront these vulgarian bullies and let them know that ART WILL NOT BE SILENCED. To show my personal commitment to this important cause, last night I dug deep into my kid's sock drawer and found $33.18, which I am now fully dedicating to an endowment to fund creative art aimed at promoting me and my agenda.

Still Life With Two Clowns, Sad Kitten, Schlitz, and Grant Money
David Burge (2009): Still Life With Dumpster Paintings, Schlitz, and Grant Money.

Read the rest here: iowahawk: Art Will Not Be Silenced!

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