Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Good God ::: Obama has talked to Letterman more than our Afghanistan commander

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Rick Moran

You would think if things are as bad as the president says they are in Afghanistan - and they are - he would deem it necessary to be in constant touch with our commanding general in that theater Stanley McChrystal, supporting him, listening to what he needs to get the job done.

But no, this is not the case. In fact, as John Noonan of the Weekly Standard blog points out, the president has spoken to David Letterman more often than McChrystal:

This is certainly a unique interpetation of "wartime presidency." What does it say about your Commander-in-Chief when he's spoken with David Letterman more than his key guy in Afghanistan?

The military general credited for capturing Saddam Hussein and killing the leader of al-Qaeda in Iraq says he has only spoken to President Obama once since taking command of Afghanistan.

"I've talked to the president, since I've been here, once on a VTC [video teleconferece]," General Stanley McChrystal told CBS reporter David Martin in a television interview that aired Sunday.

"You've talked to him once in 70 days?" Mr. Martin followed up.

"That is correct," the general replied.

Yes, but Letterman never tried to tell the president unpleasant things. He's so jolly and funny while I'm sure that General McChrystal is just another Gloomy Gus military guy.


More here: American Thinker Blog: Obama has talked to David Letterman more than our Afghanistan commander

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