Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Newly Discovered Video of Communist "Green Czar" Van Jones (Feb/09 Speech at Berkeley)

A great find from one of my favorite FReepers... AmericanInTokyo

Here's his description:

This is a speech delivered by White House Green Jobs "Czar" Anthony K. (Van) Jones in Berkeley before a very leftist activist/student group, a few weeks after Obama was inaugurated.

A relatively high-quality, recent, clear video of VAN JONES, with somewhat damaging public comments during this talk he made which could be part of the rope to hang his senior White House job.

In this speech and presentation, Van Jones uses words such as "Comrades", "Maoists", discusses his strategy now that the White House has been seized how "Green Jobs" will be the initial beachhead by which to completely defeat the "status quo" with this revolutionary "new democracy", to further not only environmental issues but a variety of other political causes in the USA, and what the Radical Left can now do as they have "seized power" with Barack Obama, about how vulnerable "people are out of jobs" and this creates a receptive atmosphere to their words, discussing his own self being tear-gassed in Seattle for street violence at WTO, etc. etc. etc.

I will say that he is rather eloquent (talks without notes, and mildly comical as in a stand up comedian sense), a very slick Socialist/Communist--but also arrogant and talking down to people. He mocked capitalism, he cracked an anti-police joke--in the vein of President Obama who sounded off his mouth recently on Harvard police w/out the facts--to the guffaws of the far leftist crowd. He also articulated how to use the post-election Barack Obama nationwide organization of 13 million to, online and otherwise, make life miserable for targeted conservative Senators. IMHO, this video will probably help usher in this man's removal from government. Mr. Jones' little comedic onstage dance while he indicated how the American people should be subtly indoctrinated to go along with this radical left-turn business was classic and most informative.

Must see TV.

Also, here (second video down): http://berc.berkeley.edu/video

Viddler.com - Van Jones at the 2009 BERC Annual Lecture - Uploaded by BERCTV

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